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Within the baby room, our aim is to provide a warm, caring and stimulating environment for every baby in our care. We aim to follow their home routine, ensuring continuity between home and nursery.

From birth, children want to explore the world around them. We expand on this natural curiosity by stimulating both their physical and social needs through play, and by offering emotional security with lots of cuddles and reassurance.


Children want to explore the world around them.


We do not have a strictly structured day in the baby room, as all babies’ needs are so different. We create individual routines for our babies, together with input from the parents.


Our experienced staff will help your child settle in and feel at home.


The staff in our baby room have many years of experience caring for babies, and fully understand parents’ concerns and anxieties about leaving their baby for the first time. They help to make settling into the nursery as smooth as possible and give parents detailed feedback at the end of each day.