Pre-School Room

From the age of 3 onwards the children become immersed within the Pre-school Room at Katie’s Kinder Care. Our pre-school room provides the opportunity for children to learn the basic skills that will prepare them for school life. The children are encouraged to be more independent; they serve themselves where appropriate at mealtimes, helping to develop their communication and social skills. We plan and structure our day carefully ensuring that we follow the children’s interests and provide the best possible activities and resources to ensure the children are motivated, enjoying and achieving their early learning goals set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We take the transition to school very seriously, we ensure that each year we:-

  • invite the reception teachers to visit their new pupils at our setting
  • we share information with the school about the child’s development
  • we provide role play opportunities that support their move to school
  • we provide self service trays at lunchtime that match most schools in the area
  • we discuss school life at circle time and what to expect when they arrive at school

Along with the continuous provision we offer at Katie’s Kinder Care, we also have some fantastic outdoor play areas that the Pre-school room children can access, we have a large grassed area at the back of our nursery and operate a free flow play system. We also have our Sensory Garden that all the nursery children can access. The children plant vegetables and fruit, watching them grow and thoroughly enjoying picking and eating them! They also use the Sensory Garden to go on bug hunts, feed and watch the birds, they also care for our 2 nursery rabbits, Bobble and Buttercup or just take a walk down our sensory path.