Outside Areas

We are very fortunate to have some fantastic outdoor areas, these are great spaces for our children to play, explore and investigate.


Outdoor play area at Katie's Kinder Care

Safe and fun outdoor play area

Our outdoor areas include a front play area, rear play area, a sensory garden, a planting area and our 8 acres of grassland that is solely for nursery use.

Katie's Kinder Care Playing Fields

8 acres of grassland for adventures!

The children love running through the fields, looking for mini beasts, going on puddle or windy day walks, picking blackberries in the autumn or making snowmen and patterns in the snow in the winter.

Each year we have our fields cut for hay, the children love watching the tractors at work cutting, tossing and baling the hay.

Outdoor facilities at Katie's Kinder Care

Our greenhouse and planting facilities

We hold our sports day each year (for Pre-school children) on our fields when parents come along to cheer on their little ones and also take part in the highly anticipated parents race!!

We have play areas to the front and rear of nursery which we operate a free flow play system, this means that children can decide if they play indoors or outdoors while still accessing our continuous provision.

Sensory Garden at Katie's Kinder Care

Our wonderful sensory garden

We also have a fantastic sensory garden, planting area and greenhouse. The children love growing plants, fruit and vegetables in our garden, they especially like it when it is time to pick and eat what they have grown!! The sensory garden is also home to our 2 nursery rabbits, Bobble and Buttercup, the children take it in turns to care and feed them each day. They are some of the luckiest rabbits in the world, as each day they come out of their hutch and roam around the sensory garden while the children play in the adjacent play area.